Aspects of Rin's self-healing process

Just as the curse has shaped Rin's life, so has the process of her self-healing. For so long, Rin suffers from a deep depression and several physical ailments. It isn't until the climax of violence -- where she's put in solitary confinement for three months -- that she's able to reach a turning point in her life. Once she's released, she's able to focus on healing the pain she's had to endure.

This section focuses significantly on Rin's relationships with other characters who aid her greatly in her journey of self-healing.

Love Romance with Hatsuharu.
Friendship Tohru is Rin's first true friend.
Safety Kazuma offers Rin a place to stay safe.
Savior Rescued from confinement by Kureno.
Kindness Shown to her by Yuki.
Concern Hiro frequently worries about Rin.
Support Rin and Kagura don't always get along.