Rin's relationship with Hatsuharu.

As one of the few official couples in the series before its end, Rin and Hatsuharu share a passionate love with one another. Hatsuharu being possessed by the spirit of the ox allows for him to be physically intimate with Rin. They can freely embrace each other without worrying about transforming, a rarity for the juunishi before the curse is broken. Their relationship goes as far back as childhood and although they break up for a period of time, their feelings only grow stronger with time.


As children, Hatsuharu and Rin frequently spent time playing together. Rin never judged Haru for his position in the zodiac, as other people did and much later, he reflects that he's probably always loved her. Likewise, Rin has had feelings for Hatsuharu since childhood as well.

Haru was the one to find Rin after she had been kicked out of her house and he was with Rin in the hospital when her mother disowned her. Haru couldn't believe that Rin's parents could act so heartlessly and lashed out at Rin's mother on Rin's behalf. He accuses her of not caring about the consequences of her actions; by hurting Rin, they hurt themselves. He doesn't understand how she doesn't seem to grasp the severity of telling Rin they don't love her. He demands that she apologise to Rin but her mother ignores him and leaves. Rin, overcome with emotion, tearfully thanks Haru for defending her. Although being disowned destroys her, she's happy that at least Haru cares for her.

After Rin finds a new home at Kagura's house, Haru visits often to check up on her. He secretly takes her out for walks and makes sure she eats. These moments with Haru were the only time that Rin ever felt truly happy after her life fell apart. He would always come to see her when she was sick and always made her laugh. He became the foundation for her happiness.


The time would come when their relationship would be taken to the next level. While they're alone together, Hatsuharu asks Rin if he might kiss her. Rin's hesitant at first because she knows Akito frowns on relationships but gives in because she can't stand the idea of Haru being with someone else. During this time, they grow intimate with each other and genuinely fall in love.

Rin's fears about Akito finding out about their relationship eventually come true. Akito has heard that she and Haru have been dating and when confronted about it, Rin is threatened into confessing that she was the one who instigated the relationship so that Haru won't get hurt. Akito violently assaults Rin, telling her that she's not good enough for Haru; she's worthless and she'll only drag Haru down with her if she stays with him. Akito then pushes Rin out the window.

As Rin lays bleeding on the ground, she believes that Akito is right; the best course of action for her would be to break up with Haru. She decides that she will find a way to break the curse to free Haru, giving him a chance at true happiness with someone worthy of being his partner.


After Rin is admitted to the hospital, she breaks up with Haru when he comes to visit. She coldly tells him she no longer needs him any more and he's incredibly hurt by this. Rin is also upset but she's resolved not to let Haru stay close to her out of fear for his safety.

Haru remains preoccupied with their breakup for some time until he finds Rin arguing with Yuki outside Shigure's home. He approaches Rin but she backs off, telling him to leave her alone. Haru is saddened by her reaction and suggests that if she really no longer needs him, it would be fine for him to commit suicide. Rin's shocked emotions betray her and the look of horror across her face reveals to Haru that she still loves him. He pulls her close and kisses her passionately, an action that Rin welcomes. Haru tells her that she shouldn't have to feel forced to lie about her feelings and that she hasn't changed from the day her parents abandoned her. Rin pulls away angrily, slapping him across the face for his comments and runs away. While Haru doesn't bother chasing after her (as the horse, she's too fast), he's at least able to better understand her motives.

As Rin searches through old records in the Sohma's main house, she's struck with sudden illness and collapses. As she blacks out, she thinks back to a time when she made love to Haru. As they lay together in bed, Rin wished she could become Haru's heart so they'd never have to be apart. Haru tells her it's a nice sentiment but if that were the case, they wouldn't be able to be intimate with each other. When Rin regains consciousness, she sees Haru talking with Akito. Her resolve for breaking the curse hardens when she sees Akito hugging Haru before they part ways.

When the new year arrives, Rin refrains from attending the yearly banquet held for the juunishi because she wants to avoid being around Akito. When the banquet is finished, Haru sneaks into Kazuma's home where he finds Rin sleeping upright in a corner. He gently lays her down and covers her with a blanket before leaving. When Rin wakes up the following morning, she's baffled as to who could have moved her. If it was anyone other than Haru, she would have woken up at being touched.


New year's is the last time that Haru sees Rin. Haru begins to believe that she really didn't want to be with him any longer until Yuki tells him that she's apparently been hospitalized somewhere. No one knows what hospital she's been checked into and no one has seen her for three months. Guilty about not having noticed Rin's absence sooner, Haru decides to look for Rin.

On his way to Kagura's home, Haru runs into Hiro and Kisa and learns that Rin hasn't been home. Hiro, worried about what might have happened to Rin for her to be missing for so long, breaks his vows of secrecy and tells Haru about Akito's involvement in Rin's accident. He also tells Haru that Rin only broke up with him to protect him from Akito while she looked for a way to break the curse. Hatsuharu gently pats Hiro on the head and leaves to pay Akito a visit.

Never have we seen Hatsuharu as angry as when he confronts Akito about Rin. He demands to know why Akito hurt Rin and where she's being kept. Akito denies any involvement in Rin's injuries but Haru points out that he's seen how Akito treats women and it's obvious that she hates Rin. Akito then tries to manipulate the situation by telling Haru that it's his fault because he still went out with her despite knowing these things. Haru becomes violent and grabs Akito by the collar, again demanding to know where Rin is.

Before the situation can escalate any further, Kureno arrives and tells Haru that Akito locked Rin away in the cat's room and she's now safely at the hospital. Haru loses all self control and turns on Akito, throwing all of his strength behind a punch aimed at her face. He restrains himself at the last moment and leaves, Akito begging him not to go. Haru tells Akito to shut up or else he'll kill her.

After leaving, Kureno approaches Haru and tells him that when Rin was strong enough to be able to speak, the first thing she said was "Haru." He tells him that he should be able to see Rin in a few days and kindly advises Haru that the two of them should leave the Sohma household and never return.


When Rin wakes up in the hospital, she finds herself alone. In confusion, she feels compelled to return somewhere but she doesn't know quite where. She wanders aimlessly into the streets outside the hospital, unsure if she's dreaming or not. When she sees Haru approaching her, she believes she is dreaming and apologises for being unable to find his happiness. Haru tells her that her journey has come to an end and welcomes her back. Rin remarks that this is a lovely dream and when Haru tells her it's not a dream, she becomes speechless. Haru picks her up and says she's never been a burden to him. Rin begins to cry happy tears; she's found the place she needed to return to and tells Haru she's home.

Their relationship rekindled, they begin to spend more time with each other. Rin moves into Kazuma's home and Haru visits her frequently. They're together when the curse is finally broken and when Rin realises what's happened, she tearfully reaches out and touches Haru's face. He remarks the breaking of the curse feels sad in its own way and they embrace each other, now free.


My opinion on their relationship.

Haru is Rin's reason for living but she feels afraid that this dependency will eventually drive Haru away. Haru has always been there for her when she's sick, he's helped her eat, makes her laugh and loves her without fail. Haru has never considered Rin to be a burden and has always loved her but Rin's low self-esteem leads her to believe that she's not worthy of his affection. This belief is reinforced by Akito when she's told that she'll drag Haru down with her.

Rin loves Haru so much that she would rather break up with him than see him suffer. She believes the only way to protect him is to remove him from her life completely. She's absolutely terrified of any repercussions that may occur if she continues her relationship with Haru and Akito knows this, threatening her with Haru's safety to get Rin to do what she wants.

It was heartbreaking to see Rin wander the streets looking for a place to return to. She's at such a vulnerable, weakened state that she can't think clearly, know where she is or know what she's doing… but she knows instinctively that she wants to return to Haru's side. When he says "おかえりなさい" (okaeri nasai -- "welcome back home") and she replies with "ただいま" (tadaima - "I'm back home"). In Japan, family members will say these to each other whenever one member returns home, which means that the place Rin had been searching for was by Haru's side all along.

I love Rin and Haru's relationship not because it's fraught with drama, but because these two characters love each other so much and will do anything to protect one another. I love how Haru has treasured his relationship with Rin ever since they were children. I love how Rin doesn't even hesitate to take full blame for starting their relationship so that Haru won't suffer from Akito's wrath. I love how passionate and intimate they are, even when they are broken up… they're so sweet!