A list of resources.

This is a list of resources I've used in creating Libertatem. All resources are free-use and have been used with that in mind. Please visit the original sources to see more lovely resources/images/etc!

Version 1

Rose Brushes - Qbrushes
Background pattern - Colour Lovers

Version 2 (Current)

Background pattern - DinPattern
Brushes - Vintage Crown Brushes, Dividers

Other Resources

Icon Textures - missesglass, obscene-bunny, nk-ash, carllton
Gallery Images - MiniTokyo, Zerochan
Fonts - Google Fonts

The black and white manga scans seen throughout the site were cropped and resized by myself from free-use, raw manga scans online.

I have to thank Lethe (of for her help with some clarifications on some translations. I had to rely on some poorly-translated fan scanlations of the series since my copies of the Fruits Basket manga were in storage while I made the site. Lethe kindly took the time to translate some of her German copies for me to better understand a few scenes. Thank you!!