About Libertatem

A bit of history about this site.

It was over ten years ago that I first learned about Rin. I was an avid fan of the Fruits Basket anime and manga and eagerly read fan-translations of new chapters whenever they were released. Rin was a character that instantly intreagued me; she never made an appearance in the anime and so little was known about her for so long. The more I learned about the motives behind her actions, the more I grew to like her.

At the time, I already had a fan site to Kyo (Baroque Orange) and it was not long before I went on hiatus from making any more fan sites. I remember wanting to make a site dedicated to Rin but with work and other social commitments, I never got around to it. Even my Kyo site was left incomplete. After having gotten back into making sites as a hobby again, one of my ambitions was to remake all of my old sites to bring them up to today's standards. Left incomplete with outdated information, Baroque Orange was at the top of my to-do list. While I worked on updating it, I felt inspired to plan out the site for Rin that I'd always wanted to create.

Thus, Libertatem was born and fully complete as of April 20, 2016! It would be the first brand new site I had created in over ten years. I chose the title as it's the latin word for freedom. Rin spends most of her time throughout Fruits Basket looking for a way to free herself and others from their curse. She also seems to hate being confined to hospitals; I feel like her desire to be free is very reflective of her role as the horse.

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