An introduction to Sohma Isuzu.

Name: Sohma Isuzu
Nicknames: Rin
Birthday: ?, 1981*
Age: 17 (At start of series)
Blood Type: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Astrological Sign: ?
Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Zodiac Curse: Horse

Appearing rather late in the manga, Rin is one of the few characters who never make it into the Fruits Basket anime. As a result, she's not as well known to fans of the series. Appearing briefly with mysterious motives, it took a long time before her true intentions were revealed and we began to understand who she really was.

Cursed with the spirit of the horse, Rin's personality tends to be wild and untamed. She's incredibly stubborn when it comes to attaining her own goals and despite her poor health, acts with ferocity. Rin displays a classic tsundere personality, acting distant, rude, temperamental and dismissive while actually being quite kind, caring and devoted. Her rude behaviour towards Tohru is a combination of Rin not wanting Tohru to get hurt as well as an unfamiliarity with friendship in general.

Rin is introduced as Hatsuharu's girlfriend, having recently broken up with him during her stay at the hospital. She tries to make Haru believe that she doesn't care for him any longer. In secret, she still loves him dearly but doesn't wish for him to come to the same fate she has suffered at the hands of Akito. Rin figures it's better to push Haru away while she looks for a way to break the curse of the juunishi that binds them to Akito.

If we assume that Fruits Basket's story begins in 1998 (the same time the series began publication), then Rin would be born in 1981; one year earlier than Tohru, Kyo and Yuki. Since Tohru is established as being born in the year of the dog, she would have been born in 1982 in order for her to be 16 years old when the series starts.